23. Written Report (Engineering)

Development of an AQUA-PONICS system for urban households

Name 1, Name 2, Name 3, Name 4
School of Science and Technology, Singapore


1.         Introduction

1.1       Engineering Problem

As the world population increases exponentially, more space is used for residential as well as for the means of production. As agriculture and aquaculture takes up a lot of space, it becomes a constraint for the urban living, and thus, located far away from the urban centers. The agriculture and aquaculture production becomes more expensive as the produce requires heavy transport and preservation infrastructure to delivery them into the urban areas where most of the consumers are. This project aims to solve this problem on a small scale.

1.2       Engineering Goal

To develop a system for the production of fish meat and vegetables in an urban setting.

1.3       Specific Requirements

Our design must meet the following requirements:
o   Must be in urban areas
o   Lack of direct sunlight due to dense built up in urban areas 
o   Must be space saving
o   Must be time saving
o   Must be cost saving  

1.4        Alternative solutions

1.4.1    Aero-ponics

1.4.2    Hydro-ponics

1.4.3    Aquaculture

1.4.4    Final Solution

Our final solution is the Aqua-ponics system. We choose this solution because …

2.         Methods

2.1       Equipment

2.2       Diagram

2.3       Procedures

2.4       Risk Assessment and Management

2.5       Data Analysis

3.         Results

3.1       Sampling sites

3.2       Experiment 1 results

3.3       Experiment 2 results

3.4       Experiment 3 results

3.5       Special observations

4.         Discussion

4.1       Key findings

4.2       Explanation of key findings

4.3       Evaluation of engineering goals

4.4       Areas for improvement

5.         Conclusions

5.1       Summary of findings

5.2       Practical Applications

5.3       Areas for further study

6.         Bibliography

7.         Acknowledgements

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