2. Generating Research Questions

2. Generating Research Questions
•Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations
Feasibility, Accessibility, Manageability

Introduction (5 mins)
+ Introduce the students to the issue of generating research question using the 6W1H method.
+ They are Who what when where why which and how.

Development (40 mins)
+ refer to the website
http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair- projects/project_question.shtml
+ They are recommended to go to the Topic Selection Wizard to help them come up with their research question.
+ Although this activity has been recommended to them via email, ask them to go through another topic anyway so as to generate more ideas for their current project.
+ Advise students to set a higher standard if they want to challenge themselves if they want.
+ Require the students to search at least 3 projects, one for each student within the group. This is to ensure that each of the students get the chance to think about the research question.

Conclusion (5 mins)
+ Remind them to post at least 3 research questions in their blog. 

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